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Understanding Weighted Silver...

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Before: Weight Intact

The picture above shows a weighted, 6.16 ounce (ozt) candle holder.  This particular piece was dented and damage, making it impossible to resell.  We decided to remove the weight  so that it could be sent to the refinery.

As you can see, it weighs quite a bit on the scale, the majority of which is not from silver at all.  Many sellers do not understand what weighted silver is, and why it brings less money than they had hoped when they mailed it to us.

We hope that this "before" and "after" example will help to clear up any confusion about weighted silver. 

Please don't take this example the wrong way. We are happy to buy weighted silver.  The price of silver is very high right now, making it a great time to sell, regardless of whether it is weighted or not.

How To Weigh Silver:

If you have silver at home, and are wondering what it may be worth, you can weight it on digital diet scale or the equivalent. Of course, you will have to convert regular ounces into Troy ounces (ozt) after you weight it.

Also, bear in mind that you will need to subtract 1/2 ounce for each weighted knife handle, if you are weighing knives.  The weight in the average "weighted" knife handle ranges from about 1/3 to 3/4 of an ounce.  We use 1/2 ounce when we adjust for the weighted handles.  Otherwise, one would have to destroy every handle to accurately weigh it, which is not a desirable option.

Also, if you are selling your silver for scrap, you can remove the weights yourself with a few simple hand tools.  Just be careful not to hurt yourself. 

To convert regular ounces to Troy ounces,
1 ounce = .9114583 Troy ozt.

For more information on this, click here.

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After: Weight Removed

Here is the same candle holder after the internal weight has been removed.  As you can see, the scale weight has dropped significantly from 6.16 Troy ounces (ozt) to just .78 Troy ounces (ozt).

As you can see, the real value in weighted silver is in the outside sterling silver foil layer.  Also, notice that the silver is measured in "Troy" ounces (ozt), versus regular ounces.  Both Troy ounces and Troy pounds have been a standard form of measurement for silver, gold and platinum since medieval times.

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We removed this crumbly, greenish-grey material, along with a small steel rod, design to hold the upper and lower weighed sections of the candle holder together.  If it were not for the internal weights, the candle holder would collapse, having no durability at all.

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Even knife handles are often weighted.  It keeps the price down, and the physical weight down.  In reality, a solid sterling silver knife handle this big around would be awful heavy to try and eat with.  Also, most people don't realize that the knife blades are very often made of stainless steel, and not silver. Other weighted items often include candelabras and salt/pepper shakers.